The human brain is hard-wired for optimism - an important component of well-being . . . according to a recent article in Time Magazine. So why are so many people depressed? Is it poor diet? Lack of exercise? Constant negative bombardment by the media? Too much multi-tasking? In this section of Beauty Bloomers we will talk about how a healthy lifestyle can bring you a sense of well-being. But you have to do the work! Remember - you have the power! Read the article.

Definition: well-be●ing
/noun/ the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

Beauty Bloomer's definition: Living your best life and realizing it is in your power to do so. Wellbeing is not available by prescription, there is no one path and many different roads can be taken to arrive there. It is so much more than just good health; wellbeing is a state of wellness of body, mind and soul.

Happiness_-_may_cause_miracles.jpg3 Simple Rules for Happiness . . .

Someone to Love . . .
This can be a spouse, child, friend, dog, kitty...

Loving someone gives you purpose. You are there to share, comfort, support, help, laugh.

Something to Do . . .
A reason to get up in the morning . . .
A job, volunteer work, an interesting hobby. This, again, gives you a purpose. People who know why they wake up in the morning live up to seven years longer than those who don’t.  

Something to Look Forward to . . .
Dreams, goals, trips. But it doesn't have to be big and important. It can be as simple as dinner with friends next week. 
New York Times Best Seller - May Cause Miracles


Gardening improves both self-esteem and mood . . .

According to a recent study in the journal -Environmental Science and Technology. Researchers think it's evolutionary. Connecting with nature stimulates biochemical pathways in the brain that statisfy our primal longing to commune with Mother Earth. And when does a little dose of sunshine and fresh air not make you feel better, too?

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I own soooo many heating pads--for cramps, tummy aches, sore back,,,But this is my new all-time fave! In fact,  I'm wearing it around my shoulders as I type this because my office is always cold! Soft and plush, it wraps around you like a cozy shawl. The perfect gift for you, your mom, your hubby, your friends...

Product Description: At 3.5 times larger than the average heating pad, the Mind + Body Care by SoftHeat WrapAround Electric Spa Wrap provides a comforting warmth that will help you reduce the stress and tension of a long day. Built for ultimate comfort, the wrap features a cover made of soft, luxurious fabric.

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