The most common symptoms include facial redness across the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and visibly damaged blood vessels. Small red inflammatory papules may appear on the face and sometimes inside the nose (ouch!). At this stage it is often misdiagnosed as acne. A general picture of rosacea can encompass different stages. It varies from a pre-rosacea stage that is characterized by frequent bouts of transient facialflushing, which dissipates quickly, to an advanced stage as manifested by rhynophyma, a bulbous enlargement of the nose.

Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder that affects millions of Americans. It occurs in both sexes and may begin as early as the teenage years. The condition develops gradually as mild episodes of facial blushing or flushing that over time may lead to a permanent red face. Individuals with fair skin, particularly those of Scottish, Irish or Celtic descent are more predisposed to rosacea, although dark-skinned individuals are not spared. Gentle enough to remove eye makeup. It is critical that you be diagnosed by a dermatologist. Rosacea left untreated will only worsen--leaving you with permanently reddened skin and possibly a large, bulbous nose. 




Rosacea may also affect the eyes with symptoms including irritation, dryness, crusting, tearing, foreign body sensation, swelling of eyelids, conjunctivitis and light sensitivity. 



    COMMON ROSACEA FLARE-UP TRIGGERS: Avoid anything that makes you flush. 


red.jpg  milk-free.jpg  blog-laundry-31.jpg  33599637.jpg
         Red Wine                        Dairy                  Hard Workouts                   Stress 

271595-18425-25.jpg  atlantic-spas-hot-tubs-for-hire.jpg  bright_sun_icon.jpg  Thermometer-537x358.jpg
      Hot Showers                  Hot Tubs                         Sun                           Heat

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     Hot Beverages              Spicy Foods                  Smoking                         Cold 

Oil and acne? Are we crazy?500.jpg

The importance of Organic Jojoba Oil in the treatment of adult acne and rosacea comes from its similarity to the natural restorative oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the dermal layers of the skin.
Jojoba oil is non- allergenic and doesn't clog pores. It will help reverse damage to the epidermis caused by harsh soaps and topical rosacea medications. Jojoba Oil helps balance sebum excretion (related to acne) and helps normalize keratin sloughing off from the dermis (related to acne). 


1. Wash with water that is lukewarm, not hot.
2. Use a gentle (non abrasive) cleanser applied with the fingers, not a cloth. Try Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. Make sure it says "gentle" and not "daily". The "Daily" is too strong. 
3. Blot dry, but do not rub, with a thick-pile cotton towel
4. Wait for the skin to dry completely. If a cleanser hasn't been used, 5 or 10 minutes will be sufficient, otherwise waiting 20 or 30 minutes may be preferable.
5. Apply a prescribed topical agent. If any stinging is felt, increase the time between cleansing and applying the medication.


MetroCream® – a topical treatment for rosacea. Less drying than the gel.

MetroGel® – Metronidazole; a topical treatment for rosacea. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) - A newer form of therapy, IPL uses a non-laser light source. Recent studies conclude that IPL can safely and effectively reduce the following signs of rosacea in some patients: dilated blood vessels, persistant redness, and flushing acne-like breakouts.


I.P.L. is not cheap (average price per treatment depends on where you live, and size of area to be treated), but even just one treatment can significantly reduce redness. Talk to your dermatologist. I.P.L. can burn if not done by an experienced liscensed technician.

Makeup Tips for Rosacea at

Rosacea Support Group - where rosacea sufferers meet online to support each other




s1069079-main-hero.jpgClinique Redness Solutions Kit
Extra-gentle, oil-free regimen for skin facing persistent, visible redness. Appropriate for skins with rosacea. Betters skin's appearance and comfort in 2 weeks:

-Quells persistent, visible redness, blotchiness.
-Helps calm and comfort skin.
-Maintains skin's moisture balance.
-Helps avert future flare-ups.

This set contains:
- 2.5 oz Soothing Cleanser
- 1 oz Daily Relief Cream
- 0.5 oz Protective Base SPF 15


Tanda Luxe Rejuvenation Photofacial Device
Reveal a more youthful, luminous complexion.
The new Luxe skin rejuvenation photofacial device uses a super-luminous LED array to deliver concentrated beams of red light therapy for a fractional phototherapy effect.  Coupled with sonic vibration and gentle warming in a unique massaging treatment head, these complimentary technologies deliver a professional photofacial experience for luxurious, soft, smooth, glowing skin.  Effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles with only 2 treatments a week. Luxe professional technology effectively reverses the major signs of skin aging to make you look and feel more youthful, rested and refreshed. 


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I've started using the jojoba oil on my face and amazingly, it has really helped. Do you think grapeseed oil would be good too?

Yes - absolutely! Thanks for the suggestion. We will add it to the page. - B.B.
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