Brown Spots

39dce353486954d97b28425a35e2fea3_f176.jpgpigmenation-chest-before-treatment.jpgDark spots and patches on the skin occur when hormones or long-term sun exposure affect cells called melanocytes, the ones that make pigment.
Not only are they unsightly, but could be a precurser to skin cancer.

Brown spots are flat, oval areas of increased pigmentation—usually brown, black or gray.  These spots occur on skin that has had the most sun exposure over the years, such as the face, chest, back of hands, shoulders and upper back.  They range in size from freckle-size to more than a centimeter across and can group together, making them more prominent. They typically develop in people with a fair complexion but can be seen even in those with darker skin.  Often brown spots are accompanied by other signs of sun damage, including:  Deep wrinkles; dry, rough skin; fine red veins on your cheeks, nose and ears; and thinner, more translucent-looking skin. Talk to your dermatologist about Retinol creams and
 Intense Pulsed Light Treatments. 


Tanda Luxe Rejuvenation Photofacial Device
Reveal a more youthful, luminous complexion.
The new Luxe skin rejuvenation photofacial device uses a super-luminous LED array to deliver concentrated beams of red light therapy for a fractional phototherapy effect.  Coupled with sonic vibration and gentle warming in a unique massaging treatment head, these complimentary technologies deliver a professional photofacial experience for luxurious, soft, smooth, glowing skin.  Effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles with only 2 treatments a week. Luxe professional technology effectively reverses the major signs of skin aging to make you look and feel more youthful, rested and refreshed. 


Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum

This next-generation formula, developed by Dr. Howard Murad, combines the maximum levels of proprietary skin-lightening ingredients available without a prescription. This powerful complex includes hydroquinone, the gold standard in sun and age spot lightening, and an advanced skin lightening peptide, Hexapeptide-2. These ingredients target, treat, and prevent existing dark spots, age spots, and freckles caused by daily environmental exposure. 



Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence corrects and prevents over-production of melanin while illuminating and firming the skin to reveal a radiant complexion. It delivers the highest concentration of TECTM, Dior’s exclusive brightening complex, that promotes skin brightness by perfecting the balance of five key features of the skin: flawless complexion, luminosity, moisture, refined texture, and plumpness. By focusing on these five key features, the skin is free of dark spots and naturally glows with radiance. 


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