Exfoliators and Peels

Due to new information about plastic microbeads polluting and clogging our waterways, Beauty Bloomers has removed products containing them. To see a list of products containing plastic mircobeads, please see: Beat the Microbead.

The plastic waste caused by the microbeads, which are not filtered out during sewage treatment, are damaging water ecosystems. A report recent published by the U.N. Environment Programme says plastic waste causes $13 billion in damage every year to marine life.

Since the beads are so small, fish and other marine life easily swallow them, causing DNA damage and even death. Read more.

See our advice below for simple, inexpensive, homemade scrubs.

Why does the skin benefit from exfoliation?
It's the dead skin cells that give aging skin the tendency to develop a dull lifeless appearance.
Once the old dead cells are scrubbed off the surface of the skin, the skin is left with a smooth, healthy glow. 


Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant

First off - this stuff is pricey, but it received 586 excellent reviews (at last count) at Sephora. And, a little goes a long way.

Get a youthful glow with this microdermabrasion treatment and earn results parallel to a professional, clinical visit. This formula contains pharmaceutical-grade crystals, lactic acid, and soothing botanicals to polish away dead skin cells, provide a radiant, healthy look, and smooth skin's texture. Watch as the appearance of fine lines, acne marks, and skin discolorations diminish as you achieve maximum results in minimal time. 


A professional-quality
at-home microdermabrasion kit.

What it does:
This dual-action system combines real diamond peel exfoliation and vacuum stimulation to powerfully reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even around the eyes. It improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity while helping to reduce acne scars and age spots. Discover a stunningly smooth, youthful complexion.

31x6feKTgML.jpgRevitaderm Urea Cream
A complete callus-care solution, formulated to remove thick, callused areas while rehydrating skin to a healthy appearance. RevitaDERM with 40% Urea is recommended for use by diabetics when under the supervision of a physician.
Ingredients: 40% Urea Aloe Vera P2000 (Whole Leaf Aloe Concentrate) Tea Tree Oil Chamomile


Scrubs and Masks From the Kitchen Cupboard

Sugar: That’s right! Plain old sugar works as well as expensive scrubs. 

sugar.jpgHow To: Use a fine grain sugar such as Baker’s Sugar, Castor Sugar or Brown Sugar. Cleanse your face and leave wet. Pour 2 teaspoons sugar into your hand and add a few drops of your favorite cleanser or oil. Mix together and gently scrub your skin using circular motions. If you have time, leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes to allow the natural glycolic acids from the sugar work on your skin to exfoliate further. Rinse with water and pat dry. Leave skin somewhat moist so your moisturizer will be better absorbed. 


Baking Soda and Olive Oil: Here's another simple, effective scrub from the kitchen. Mix baking soda and water in the palm of your hand to make a paste and scrub into your face.  Rinse well.  



cool_whip_at_beautybloomers.com.jpgCool Whip Moisturizer Mask

The Sorbitol it contains is the same ingredient in many moisturizers. Cover your face and let sit for 20 minutes. It will leave your skin glowing and a lot less flakey. We suggest having a slice a pie or an ice cream sundae while you moisturize. 


Tell us about  your favorite exfoliators and peels.

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