Scalp Conditions



Scalp ringworm (tinea capitis) is a common mild infection of the scalp and hair that appears as scaly spots and patches of broken hair on the head. Caused by a fungus, it is most commonly seen in children.
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Lice are tiny insects that live on humans and feed on blood. There are three types of lice that live on humans; head lice, pubic lice, and body lice. Lice can also be found in facial hair, eyelashes, armpits . . . in other words, where there is hair, you may find lice. Lice are easily spread from one person to another thro
ugh contact - such as hair brushes and hats. Lice are not a symptom of lack of cleanliness. They are happy as long as they have warmth and blood to drink. Read more


d_08sebdermscalp1-3.jpgSEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS

Seborrheic dermatitis (think dandruff), also known as seborrhea, is a common non-contagious condition of skin areas rich in oil glands (the face, scalp, and upper trunk). Seborrheic dermatitis is marked by flaking (overproduction of skin cells) and sometimes redness and itching (inflammation) of the skin, and it varies in severity from mild dandruff of the scalp to scaly, red patches on the skin. The normal skin yeast, Pityrosporum ovale, lives in oil-rich skin regions and plays a role in this disorder. Seborrheic dermatitis seems to worsen with stress, winter, and infrequent shampooing. Although there is no "cure" for seborrheic dermatitis, control is usually possible with medicated shampoos. Severe seborrheic dermatitis is seen frequently in people with Parkinson disease, and other with central nervous system problems, and in those with HIV infectionFor more information and helpful products, see Seborrheic Dermatitus on our Skin Conditions page


Folliculitis is an infection in the hair follicles. Each hair on your body grows out of a tiny pouch called a follicle. You can have folliculitis on any part of your body that has hair, but it is most common on the face and scalp and areas rubbed by clothing, such as the thighs and groin. Folliculitis usually looks like red pimples with a hair in the center of each one. 

Hair Breakage

Trichorrhexis nodosa is a problem in which thickened or weak points (nodes) along the hair shaft cause your hair to break off easily. Read More 



Learn about Psoriasis in Beauty Bloomer's Skin Conditions section.




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