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Prepping Your Skin For Foundation

Peach Fuzz Too Fuzzy?

Being downier can present an unattractive problem with makeup. "Peach fuzz on the face can 'grab' powder and foundation," says Maria Verel, celebrity makeup artist. There are a couple of tricks to prevent that. Apply foundation the way you apply moisturizer: Rub it in and let it set (or dry), says Verel. Then buff it off with a cloth or a clean, slightly damp sponge. If you also wear powder (or a powder foundation), after application, lightly mist your face with water to settle the powder. You can just let that be, or pat it dry. Too much fuzz can indicate a hormone imbalance.

Want to See the Facial Hairs You're Missing?
Blot a mascara wand and then swipe it lightly around your mouth area. This will highlight all those unwanted hairs (in a certain light these can look like whiskers), making them easy to pluck. Other areas that might need a clean-up for better foundation application is the temples and jaw area near the ears.


What Type of Foundation Do You Use?

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